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This wiki is dedicated to the Horizon Event tabletop role-playing game campaign in the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition System.

It will feature characters, places, and events from the campaign, as well as character creation guidelines.

What is Horizon Event?

In the evening of November 27, 1998, the skies above Rochester, New York transformed into a tableau of color resembling a horizon at sunset. This event would come to be known as The Horizon Event, and it would precipitate thousands of exposed people mutating in unique ways, some becoming freakish, others gaining superhuman abilities. The world would be forever changed.

The Horizon Event campaign is run in the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition System. The Player Characters represent the first of the super-powered individuals (called ‘venters’) to join together as a group to try and be heroes. It will be they who help define what a hero is, in the coming years, and how a superhero interacts with the world around them.

This wiki chronicles the world of Horizon Event, detailing aspects of the world and those events that the players take part in, as well as those that occur parallel to their activities.

The axis of the Earth has tilted, forever, what happens next will alter humanity forever.

Horizon Event

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