Backwards Man

Strange time-powered assailant.


’It’s you!’

- The Backwards Man, upon seeing the Paragons assembled at their first press conference.

The Backwards Man is a young, black man whose body appeared to be breaking apart, releasing the energy within. His dress was an unusual mix of styles and materials.

The Backwards Man is capable of damaging by causing variations in the temporal flow for his enemies. This attack seemed to be localized, rather than affecting an entire person. His powers caused him to explode.


Appearing after the announcement of the formation of the Paragons, the Backwards Man (as he called himself) seemed to be aware of who the Paragons were, even calling some of them by name. However, after a brief struggle, an attack from Polar Ripple seemed to cause his powers to overload.

As Rochester news outlets were all present, reports of the event on the evening news and in the papers was national. The reports were overwhelmingly positive, as no bystanders were injured and a powerful, dangerous, and seemingly insane villain was defeated with ease.

PSI is currently investigating the appearance of the Backwards Man, but has yet to find any leads.

Backwards Man

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