Stone-faced 'venter.


Davis appears to have skin made of stone, but it moves as though it were normal skin with no discernible seems or cracks. He has long, thick strands of rock-hard hair on his head that appears similar to dreadlocks. He has humanoid eyes that are yellow in color.


Little is known about the man known as Davis. He offers little information about himself and official records on him are very limited. It is known that he was taken in by the cult of personality that surrounded the paranormal called Xaltotun, alongside his good friend No-Face and the energy-blasting Shel Olsen. The three superhumans offered a potentially dangerous component to Xoltotun’s organization, but the group was brought down by the Paragons before it managed to grow.

Davis is currently in Monroe County Jail, awaiting a hearing to determine if he committed any criminal acts.


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