Maddy 'Maddy-Z' Zelinski

Blue-skinned musician.


’For always, for everyday, in every way,

’I need you!

‘Until the day I’m bored with you, I’m telling you,

‘I need you!’

- From Truth About You from Maddy Z’s self-titled album.

Maddy is an attractive young lady of just over four feet with hazel eyes, red hair, and, ultimately, blue skin. Her small stature and skin tone are a result of her exposure to the Horizon Event.

She likes to wear colorful outfits, generally having interesting t-shirts and jeans that have multi-colored patches or radiant dresses. She has also taken to wearing high-heels, platform shoes, and the like, as often as she can.


Born in Rochester, NY, Madeline Zelinski has wanted to be a singer since she was very young. Music came naturally to her and she excelled through school, earning a degree in Music Theory from University of Rochester in 1997.
Since graduating, she has taken jobs teaching various musical instruments to children and playing gigs, both solo and with various local bands. When the Horizon Event occurred, she had been playing a show at The Bug Jar. Soon after finishing her set, she passed out and was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital.

Eight days later, she woke from her suspension discovering that her skin had turned blue. She appeared on Norma Holland’s segment on those affected by the Horizon Event, where she was able to spotlight her music.

Maddy 'Maddy-Z' Zelinski

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