Fun-loving mind controller.


Mel is a short, attractive girl of mixed-Asian heritage. She wears her dark hair long, and is known to dye it from time to time, when she is bored. She wears revealing, sexy clothes, often of a theme that might seem to be of a fetish persuasion (school girl outfits, cyberpunk clothes, maid outfits, etc.).

She can control the mind of anyone she speaks to. This ability is subtle, meaning that most of the time, those controlled don’t recall their time as a thrall. The only limit that has been found is that she has been unable to control Resilient, as he is immune to everything.


Cherry Mai, who would come to call herself ‘Melodrama,’ first publicly appeared when she walked into the offices of Kodak and had the board sign the company over to her name. Since that time, she has facilitated Kodak’s success and the purchase of the former First Federal building.

It was soon after that she managed to cause the rampage done by Silverstreak, but this plan was stopped by Resilient I, who made her swear to never take over the mind of a superhero, again. Resilient and Melodrama then began a relationship, although the status of this is unknown.


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