Philippe LaMont

Chef for Paragon.


A thin, tall, attractive young man, Philippe comes off, almost immediately, as ‘French.’ Even without hearing him speak, many can guess his country of origin due to his demeanor. He has brown hair and eyes and tends to wear a typical chef’s outfit, sans the hat.

Philippe is an extremely talented chef, capable of running a kitchen to perfection and developing unique and powerful dishes.


Originally the protege of the chef of a restaurant owned by Thomas Harley’s father, Philippe and the younger Harley hit it off when Thomas discovered that Philippe loved experimentation with flavor. Eventually, his mentor cut him loose, but Thomas hired Philippe as his personal chef.

Philippe enjoyed working for Harley, but missed preparing food for the larger crowds, so when Harley offered him the opportunity to the run the kitchen at PSI, the chef jumped at the chance.

Philippe LaMont

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