Professor Eldritch

Claims to be a sorcerer.


‘Olprit loagaeth Beshtarnâ!’

- Spoken seconds before light erupted from his fingertips.

Professor Eldritch is a thin man, with graying, dark brown hair, worn long, who, both times he has appeared, wears a long coat with a scarf covering his face. The second time, he wore a pair of dark goggles or sunglasses, as well.

He seems to have an array of abilities that are more widespread than any other individual who has been affected by the Horizon Event, enabling him to fire bolts of electricity, beams of light, fiery columns, teleport, and fly.


Virtually nothing is known about the man called Professor Eldritch. He has appeared twice, both times dealing with threats that appeared to be of a supernatural nature (despite the fact that this would seem to be impossible).

His debut occurred at the New Year’s Eve Party at the Oak Hill Country Club, where four beings who resembled humanoid rhinoceroses assaulted the partygoers. A man with a scarf over his face soon appeared and used a wide array of superhuman abilities to subdue the creatures, eventually sending them away through teleportation. During the battle, on onlooker referred to him as ‘Professor Eldritch,’ clearly recognizing the hero. However, when the police arrived, no one could locate Eldritch or the young party-goer.

His next appearance was in stopping the takeover of Mario’s by the villain Mister Fade. It was during this that Silverstreak arrived, having battled Fade a week prior. Eldritch and Silverstreak managed to protect the lives of those present while driving off the villain.

Professor Eldritch

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