Resilient I

Invulnerable man of mystery.


‘Run, damn it! Can’t you see I’m dealing with a mind-controlled superhero?’

- To Bystander during battle with Silverstreak.

Resilient wears all black, with a black overcoat, and a mask across his eyes and nose that allows his hair to show through the top. The eyes of the mask are mesh, enabling him to see out, but making it complex to see in. He carries a pair of Colt .45s, which he loads with rubber bullets. He is clearly caucasian, but exact descriptions vary as he wears the mask. He is somewhat overweight and has dark hair.

Resilient, thus far, seems to be immune to damage to a certain degree. He has fallen 7 stories from a building and sustained no damage, as well as having been shot, stabbed, and struck, many times. He fell into the Genesee River, at one point, reappearing shortly after. He is not known to be a particularly capable hand-to-hand combatant and, despite having some level of post-human strength, he has been over-powered on at least one occasion.


His true name unknown, the first Resilient was the second hero to arrive on the scene, only two days after Silverstreak’s debut, on Christmas Day, 1998.

Resilient has taken it upon himself to stop crime in Rochester. Just how he goes about this seems to be somewhat random, but the fact that there are rumors about a price on his head from local organized crime influences seems to indicate that he is being successful.

Resilient is best-known for battling Silverstreak when the latter was under the mental domination of an unknown individual. After the battle, Silverstreak quickly noted Resilient’s support and heroism. However, the pair have not been seen together in some time.

Initially, Harmony Security Solutions’ introduction of their first superhuman engagement personnel, Resilient II, was thought to be the original Resilient. However, this was proven to be a different individual with a more diverse power set. The first Resilient’s reaction to this news has yet to occur.

Resilient I

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