Resilient II

Super man for hire.


‘At last, this city, this Great Nation, this ailing planet, has a hero it deserves. At last, the people have a real superman to whom they can look to the sky, and feel safer.’

- Colm Manning of Harmony Security Solutions introducing Resilient II.

Resilient II is an attractive white man, taller than six feet, with short brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a metallic gold bodysuit with red cape, boots, and Spartan helmet symbol on the chest. He has never publicly appeared out of costume.

His powers are those of superhuman strength, durability, and the ability to fly. This has been referred to as the ‘Superman-set.’


Despite the fact that Harmony Security Solutions has maintained his identity as a secret, they have released a full biography on the man who would come to be known as ‘Resilient.’
According to this bio, he came from a poor family in Rochester, NY. His mother died when Resilient and his two siblings (the bio is not clear as to whether Resilient was older, younger, or in the middle) were young, and his father rasied them alone. Working two jobs, the man did the best he could to raise the three children, but they always had concerns as to where the next meal would come from. Each of the children pitched in, when they were old enough, and this led to Resilent’s brother getting into drug trafficking and his sister getting into prostitution. When a deal went awry, the drug dealers murdered the sister and, eventually, the brother. Attempting to save his children led to the death of Resilient’s father, as well.

Left alone, Resilient did what he could to make ends meet; working odd jobs, doing yard work, taking paper routes. He was able to maintain his apartment until he was old enough to be considered an adult, using a local neighbor as his ‘Aunt’ for guardianship. Upon reaching adulthood, he took a menial job, but began training himself to be better; reading everything he could, excercising continuously, and learning to fight. Years later, he would be affected and transformed by the Horizon Event into the individual that is Resilient II.

On January 6, 1999, Harmony Security Solutions, LLC, in the process from rebranding from their former name, Blackwater Worldwide, announced Resilient II to the public. Despite the fact that another individual named Resilient was active, H.S.S. was adamant that thier new corporate superhero would maintain that identity. Since that time, Resilient II has been seen dealing with various issues in multiple overseas incidents.

Resilient II

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