Richard 'Rich' Caniglia

The public spokesperson for PSI.


’I’m not even sure what’s happening, right now.’

- Rich’s mantra.

Rich is an average size man clearly of Italian descent. He tends to wear nice suits or stylish outfits.

Rich is very charismatic and an excellent presenter. He is also a highly-trained meteorologist.


Born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in Bedford, Massachusetts and New Canaan, Connecticut, Rich attended Cornell University and received a B.S. in Atmospheric Physics.

During college, Rich delivered the weather at the Ithaca College Station. Enjoying being on the air, he then moved on to WETM-TV in Elmira, New York. After a short time, he was brought in to 10 NBC Rochester, New York, filling in on weekends.

After the Horizon Event and the appearance of Weathervane, Rich was let go from both stations, just as he was preparing to move to 10 NBC, full time. Seeking other opportunities, he was contacted by Thomas Harley and asked to represent Harley as the face of Paragon Security, Inc.

Richard 'Rich' Caniglia

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