The first hero, the flying protector.


‘All I am is a guy who saw he could do something better than he had been doing. That’s all it takes, really. Gotta go!’

- To a WOKR News Reporter after debut.

Silverstreak is a young male, approximately mid-20s, of Latino descent. He wears a silver body suit, similar to that of a speed skater, with a blue mask tied over the top of his head, with holes cut for the eyes. In addition, after his first appearance, he has taken to wearing blue gloves and blue work boots, as well as a harness with some pouches. He is in superb physical condition and has been shown to be a capable combatant.

Silver streak can fly at great speed. The exact speed has yet to be determined, but it is fast enough for him to catch up to a prop plane and easily keep up with motor vehicles on the ground. He can carry some amount of weight with him, maintaining the weight of two full-grown adult women with some amount of strain. He seems to be unaffected by the weather, while flying, and this may be related to his power. He also seems to have extremely good vision, as well, but it is unknown if this is superhuman or simply good vision.


When it became clear that the Horizon Event had caused mutation in many people that stepped into the realm of superhuman, there were many who were curious as to when the first of these beings would attempt to become a superhero. On December 23, 1998, they received their answer.
Silverstreak’s first appearance occurred when he arrived on scene to a tenement fire near the Genesee river. There were several people trapped in the upper floors and he managed to fly them down, one by one, as rescuers dealt with the lower floors. He even went back in for several pets before flying high with the hose and using it to quell the fire enough so the fire department could address the burning floors. Upon landing, he was questioned by a news team and offered a brief comment. It was this reporter who coined the name ‘Silverstreak.’

Since his debut, Silverstreak has appeared many times. While this has primarily to save those who have encountered some accidental peril, he has dealt with superhumans who have endangered the lives of non-powered citizens, making him the first superhero to fight supervillians. He has also fought with Resilient (although, this is rumored to be because Silverstreak was mind-controlled) and alongside Professor Eldritch, in the latter’s second appearance. Silverstreak’s only reoccurring foe is Mister Fade, the pair of them having battled twice, Fade having escaped both times.

Silverstreak seems to be able to operate without concern for the local authorities. Whether this is by some special arrangement, some unspoken mutually beneficial bond, or simply has yet to be addressed by the law, remains unknown.


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