Vince Schlyer

Lawyer who has become a gorilla.


‘Perhaps, despite every memory of my life, I haven’t always been a gorilla. I am now, so what does it matter?’

- Interview with Norma Holland on WHAM 13 News.

Vince looks exactly like a silverback gorilla and has all the capabilities, thereof. He is an accomplished real estate attorney.


Vincent Anthony Schlyer is an attorney at Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle LLP. After the Horizon Event, he never fell into the coma-stasis, rather undergoing the painful transformation while conscious and unable to sleep for 23 days. When this was finished, he had transformed into a gorilla, albeit one that could speak, normally, as well as maintain full human manual dexterity. Despite overwhelming proof to the contrary, Schlyer is fully convinced that he has always led his life as a talking gorilla.

Schlyer was the focus of an article from the Democrat & Chronicle, entitled ‘The Curious Case of Mr. Schlyer,’ on February 1, 1999, in which he was asked a great deal of questions regarding his condition. Schlyer’s matter-of-fact attitude about his condition appealed to many readers, leading to some small amount of celebrity. He continues to be charismatic and charming when dealing with the public.

Despite this, his marriage of 17 years is ending and his relationship with his children and family seems to be strained. His public presence has led to complete loss of privacy.

Vince Schlyer

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