Xaltotun (Nick Shaker)

Electrically-powered would-be god.


Outside of his Xoltutan outfit, Nick Shaker seems average enough. Caucasian, dark hair, brown eyes.

When he is dressed as Xoltutan, he wears an outfit built from cheap stage jewelry that, at the same time, look both Aztec and Babylonian (but is not accurate for either). He stole this outfit from the Hill Cumorah Pagent.


Nick Shaker grew up in Rochester, befriending Javier Jimenez in high school. When they finished up school, the two enlisted in the Air Force, anticipating the opportunity to see the world.

Returning home on furlough for Thanksgiving, Shaker was affected by the Horizon Event, falling into a coma and waking up weeks later. At some point, he discovered that he could emit and control electricity and decided that he deserved to be worshipped as a god. Taking the name Xoltutan from the sorcerer villain in Conan stories, he began to gather a group of followers.

Xaltotun (Nick Shaker)

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