Horizon Event

Paragons #3


March 12, 1999

Doctor Dinosaur meets with a super-inventor named Max. Max created the dampening manacles used by the Monroe County Sheriffs. They discuss inventing, the Horizon Event, and possible future business dealings.

Enigma arrives shortly after and he and Doctor Dinosaur begin investigating a series of murders.


Paragons #2

March 8, 1999 – The Paragons are at base continuing to move in and get things operational. A new paranormal arrives with Captain Archibald ‘Archie’ Whitehouse. This paranormal individual calls himself Jack.

Shortly thereafter a homeless man named Lenny is in the reception area meeting Meredith Jacobson and Enigma. Most of the tem then arrive to see what Lenny needs. Another new paranormal arrival, Bo, vouches for Lenny and wants to join the team.

Lenny tells the team that Silverstreak is missing and he wants their help finding him. After some discussion they agree to do so. They follow some leads and have some reason to suspect the new CEO of Kodak, Cherry Mai. Doctor Dinosaur, Polar RIpple, and Bo go to meet with her in her office for lunch.

The lunch meeting with Cherry is bizarre. She reveals herself to be a supervillain calling herself Melodrama. She does not know where Silverstreak is, but knows he vanished the same time her boyfriend, Resilient I disappeared. She wants the Paragons help looking for Resilient.

The team returns to base. After a brief meeting with Thomas Harley Bo and Jack officially join the team. Then the team meets Oracle (Anita Henrichs) who is able to get them a lead in the search for Silverstreak.

After investigating leads the Paragons find themselves at an abandoned industrial area. Enigma is able to scout out the area and finds that Silverstreak is being held by Xaltotun and a group of followers. Among the followers are a stretchy guy and a stone guy.

The heroes are able to easily rescue Silverstreak and defeat the assorted criminals. As soon as the battle is over a number of military vehicles arrive under the command of Air Force General Silver. Silver wants to take Silverstreak and Xaltotun into custody since they are both AWOL. He then gives the team a hint to the location of Resilient I.

After the military leaves the Monroe County authorities arrive to take the other criminals. They appear to have some equipment that may nullify or hamper paranormal abilities. The origin of the technology is unknown.

Finally Fortress, Enigma, and Doctor Dinosaur follow General SIlver’s clue and rescue Resilient I from the foundation of a building that is just starting to go up.

Paragons #1


Doctor Dinosaur, Polar Ripple, Enigma, and Fortress – all paranormals in the Rochester area – receive a mysterious summons. They are to arrive at Mid-Town Plaza at 8pm on March 5, 1999. They arrive individually and are met by Richard ‘Rich’ Caniglia.

Rich explains that his patron is attempting to build the world’s first super team. The assembled paranormals are invited to join this team.

After meeting the CEO of PSI they sign the very generous contracts and become the Paragons. The new team makes arrangements to move into the tower.

On March 6, 1999 the team meets for a press conference outside of city hall. The citizens seem enthusiastic about having the Paragons operating in Rochester.

As the Q&A portion of the conference was underway a distortion appeared on stage. It grew in intensity until a figure was standing there. This being called himself the Backwards Man and seemed to know the Paragons. The Paragons don’t recognize him and in frustration he attacks them.

The Backwards Man is quickly defeated and then vanishes.


Later in the night Doctor Dinosaur takes his latest invention to Strong Hospital and uses it three times before it shorts out….. but each time he brought a recently deceased person back to life.


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