Carl Wrigley

The unfortunate turtle-man.


‘I never wanted any of this! I’m this useless monster and I keep asking’ myself, “What did I do to God to deserve this?”’
- Carl Wrigley being interviewed for WHAM News 13 on January 20, 1999

Carl has developed scaled, greenish-brown skin, hardened plates on his chest and back, and has become cold-blooded. His nose has widened and sharpened into a form more similar to that of a beak than anything else, but his brown eyes remain those of a human. He stands nearly 6 feet tall, but he generally hunches.

Wrigley’s armored plates are stong enough to repel reasonable blunt force, but anything more substantial would likely break them. He has required special care throughout the Winter as it may be potentially dangerous for him to be exposed to extreme cold.

Carl wears t-shirts and sweat pants. In the Winter, he seeks out the thickest coats he can find, when he has to go outside, but generally stays in.


Interviewed as part of WHAM News 13’s series on victims of the Horizon Event, Carl Wrigley was a construction manager who developed an appearance similar to that of a turtle and became cold-blooded.

Bitter and angry at his transformation into, by his own words, ‘a freak,’ Wrigley has been suffering from deep depression since awakening from his six week stasis which began only hours after the event began. His interview focused on his rage towards the Horizon Event, as well as the fact that he has lost his home, his family, and his job because of his condition, or his inability to deal with it.

Carl Wrigley

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