Irish Whip

Enforcer and assassin.


With bright red hair and brown eyes, Johnny wears a gaudy wrestling uniform when operating. Green and black with red and white trim, the uniform leaves his arms unrestricted and includes black gloves and a wrestling mask that shows his hair, mouth and nose.

With low-level super strength, Irish Whip can manifest short bursts of superhuman speed. He uses this combination of abilities to perform his signature move where he spins and throws a victim into some unyielding object, such as a wall. He is, otherwise, an excellent combatant who is capable of dealing with enemies significantly more powerful than himself if he is properly prepared.


As a youth, Jonathan Francis Patrick Mulligan was picked on for being small and weak. He became a fan of professional wrestling and started working out, eventually signing up at a school for wrestling.

After graduating high school, he decided to try and become a professional wrestler and applied for several different organizations. As he had never been overly imaginative, he never developed a unique signature move, instead perfecting the common move, the Irish whip. He became known for this and stared going by the name Irish Whip Johnny.

He gained superhuman strength and the ability to have superhuman speed for short bursts from the Horizon Event. He removed himself from the wrestling community and, apparently, became a hitman, using his powers. He was captured by Enigma and Doctor Dinosaur of the Paragons.

Irish Whip

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