Mister Fade

Mysterious shadow-caster.


‘Look at all this delicious food! And all of it being eaten by such wonderful victims!’

- Mister Fade, addressing the diners at Mario’s.

Mister Fade’s body and hair appear to be composed from some substance that reflects no light. It is completely black and shadowy, with only his eyes and mouth offering any form of distinguishing feature and those appearing only as shaped, shining white lights. He wears loud, Hawaiian-style shirts, cargo pants, and overcoats.

Fade claims to be able to control shadows, offering a means of a manipulatable substance that resembles darkness and shadow. He can use this for a wide array of effects including entrapping people, striking with blunt force, and obfuscating large areas from normal sight. He appears to be able to function normally while surrounded by this substance, while being able to hinder anyone else surrounded by it.


In his first appearance, Mister Fade appeared at the Chase Bank that is on the first floor of the Chase Building in Downtown, Rochester, taking hostages and alternately demanding ransoms, favors, and then saying he changed his mind. It was only the appearance of Silverstreak that routed the attacker, but he managed to escape through some unknown means.

Weeks later, Mr. Fade reappeared at Mario’s restaurant, threatening patrons until both Silverstreak and Professor Eldritch joined forces to fight him off. Again, the assailant escaped.

Mister Fade

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