Tag: Class C


  • Resilient I

    His true name unknown, the first Resilient was the second hero to arrive on the scene, only two days after Silverstreak's debut, on Christmas Day, 1998. Resilient has taken it upon himself to stop crime in Rochester. Just how he goes about this seems …

  • Sheldon 'Shel' Olsen

    Shel Olsen was a follower of [[:xaltotun-nick-shaker | Xaltotun]] and was considered the would-be-priest's lieutenant. He was knocked unconscious by [[:docdino | Doctor Dinosaur]]'s gadget before he could join the fight and taken into custody.

  • Davis

    Little is known about the man known as Davis. He offers little information about himself and official records on him are very limited. It is known that he was taken in by the cult of personality that surrounded the paranormal called [[:xaltotun-nick- …

  • Irish Whip

    As a youth, Jonathan Francis Patrick Mulligan was picked on for being small and weak. He became a fan of professional wrestling and started working out, eventually signing up at a school for wrestling. After graduating high school, he decided to try …